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Please be aware:  The Woburn Luxury Gift Fair is being organised by the Woburn Luxury Fair Gift Committee. The Committee is entitled to use the Woburn name and logo for the purposes of the Fair but neither Woburn Enterprises Partnership nor any company or other entity connected with it have any responsibility or liability for the Fair. 
Stall holders have been chosen by the Woburn Luxury Fair Gift Committee for the range and quality of the products which they sell. However, it does not accept any liability for the products which are sold or any loss or damage which you incur arising from any purchase which you make. Any claim which you might have arising from products which you have purchased will be the responsibility of the stall holder and will be governed by the terms and conditions applicable to that purchase and/or your rights under general consumer law. Each stall holder’s terms and conditions should be available on its website so that you can check these before making the purchase.
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